Selling And Buying Used Video Games: Make More $$$ (Or Games)

According to recent statistic, nearly 6 in 10 Americans plays video games regularly.  What you might find surprising is that the average gamer isn't a teenager, he's a 31 year-old who's been gaming since the dawn of the modern gaming console. If you're trying to buy or sell your video games online, it's a good idea to tailor your strategy to appeal to this specific demographic of gamer. Here are some tips to help you get more $$ (or games) for your used video games: [Read More]

Adding More Fun To Your Home With A Custom Arcade

Do you have an extra room in your house that you don't know what to do with? Have you always enjoyed playing all sorts of video games? For some people, turning the extra room into a personal movie theater may be a good option. For you, however, if you're looking for something special, you should consider turning that spare room into an arcade. In case you need more convincing, here are some reasons why a custom arcade can be a good option: [Read More]

Smart Tips For Buying A Refurbished Cell Phone

Cell phones are quite expensive these days, so many people opt for refurbished phones to save money. Refurbished phones are phones that have been purchased and returned by a customer. The phone can be brand new or it could have been used for months. The phones are repaired (if-needed) and then re-sold to customers at a much lower price. If you're interested in buying a refurbished phone, here are some things you need to look for. [Read More]

The Pros And Cons Of Charging Cases For Cell Phones

If you use your cell phone often, your cell phone may not stay charged all day. This may mean that you have to plug it in halfway through the day or use a portable phone charger. However, over the past couple years, charging cases, also known as battery cases, have been gaining in popularity. If you are considering one of these cases, weighing the pros and cons can help you decide if it is ideal for you. [Read More]