Dryer Maintenance: How To Change The Heating Element

Are your clothes coming out your dryer wet and cold after a full cycle? If so the problem likely has to do with a faulty heating element. Without a heating element, your dryer will take a very long time to dry a full batch of clothes. Several hours later, you still might not have dry clothes. Worst of all, you will have run up your energy bill. This is why you want to fix your heating element as soon as possible. [Read More]

Four Ways To Create The Ultimate Computer Gaming Setup

Gaming enthusiasts know that the secret to being able to play for extended periods of time is to have a comfortable and user-friendly setup. Here are some helpful ideas to create the ultimate computer gaming area that lets you get the most out of your favorite activity. Use Multiple Monitors If you use gaming discussion forums and messaging apps while you play, you don't want to have to toggle between windows to communicate with fellow gamers. [Read More]

Tips For Choosing A POE Switch For Your Security Devices

POE, or power over Ethernet, switches play an important role in surveillance and security systems. POE switches are designed to send electrical power through network cables. If you're operating a POE-enabled camera that is away from a traditional power source, a POE switch provides power for your digital security systems to stay connected and keep your property secure. If you're looking for a new POE switch, here are some things you want to consider on your search. [Read More]

Three Common, Yet Fixable Issues With HDTVs

Your old television finally bit the bullet and you've decided to take the leap and purchase one of those fancy high definition TVs (don't lie; you know you're excited.) And why wouldn't you pick an HDTV? They offer an amazing picture that is so bright and crisp, it's almost as if you become part of the show you are watching. However, despite the fantastic view that they offer, HDTVs aren't free from problems. [Read More]