The Right Grip For Your Phone

There are so many styles to choose from when it comes to iPhone cases. Some are purely cosmetic, boasting designs meant to dazzle and add some personality to your phone, while others are practical, rugged or full of utility. There are even more cases that mix the best of both worlds with a unique design approach. Take a look at a few iPhone 6 case concepts to figure out what you want, what you need, and how to combine the two ideas.

The Strong Grip Of Silicon

For people with rough jobs or simply clumsy coordination need cases that can stand up against a beating. Many cases are available that deliver shock protection while giving a bit of extra grip.

Silicon rubber (simply called silicon when referring to cases and covers) can work as a shock-absorbing material that is easier to grip because of its texture in many forms. Although silicon can be hardened and polished to a sleek shine, many rubber-like silicon cases can "stick" to the hand while dampening the damage of a drop without leaving behind a residue.

One downside of silicon cases is that they tend to hold onto dirt or dust when dropped. Hard plastic or metal cases can fall into dry debris with little to no debris sticking to the surface, but the soft, absorbent surface of silicon can hold onto a lot of extra material. Thankfully, silicon cleaning is as easy as removing the case from the phone and washing it with cold water and your sanitizer of choice.

Smooth Silicon Options

Silicon can be processed in many different ways, and a smooth case that fits around the iPhone 6 like a glove is one of those options. If you're looking for a little extra scratch protection without adding too much bulk, a thin silicon case if for you.

You can even find a clear silicon case for iPhone 6 that allows the unique style of your device to shine through. You could apply another hard case to the phone, and as long as there isn't too much bulk, the silicon case can fit around it easily.

These cases aren't design to protect against drops, but the scratch protection is worth it if you're not prone to dropping your device. The bigger threats are putting your device into your pocket with keys or other abrasive objects, or placing your phone on a surface that may be rough or covered in grit. Contact an iPhone case expert to discuss different color schemes, device models and textures for your iPhone 6.