Four Ways To Create The Ultimate Computer Gaming Setup

Gaming enthusiasts know that the secret to being able to play for extended periods of time is to have a comfortable and user-friendly setup. Here are some helpful ideas to create the ultimate computer gaming area that lets you get the most out of your favorite activity.

Use Multiple Monitors

If you use gaming discussion forums and messaging apps while you play, you don't want to have to toggle between windows to communicate with fellow gamers. Invest in two large monitors, preferably 32 inches or larger. Devote one screen to your games and the other to Internet activities. The large screens give you an enhanced view of your game while making it easy to see incoming messages from social media and forums. As you shop for monitors, consider looking for new speakers to place on either side of your gaming screen to get the full impact of each game.

Ditch The Desk Chair 

Desk chairs are for work, and they are not designed for a comfortable lounging experience. Opt for a cozy arm chair that works with your desk. You'll be able to sit back and relax, allowing you to spend more time doing what you love. Look for a chair with built-in cup holders to keep hot and cold beverages away from your computer. This will prevent spills and possible damage to your system.

Extend Your Computer's Reach

Computer cords are not typically long enough to reach across the room, and your available outlets might not let you set up your gaming desk where you want it. Use a c15 power cord to extend your computer's reach. This cord has both a male and female coupling, so you can plug your computer's power cord in on one end, and plug the other into an available outlet. Use cable tacks to run the cord along your wall to keep your space looking neat and orderly, and consider using a strip surge protector with your c15 power cord to prevent damage to your system in the event of a power surge.

Build A Snack Station

The last thing you want to do is to leave your game to grab a drink or snack from the kitchen. Instead of missing out on action in your game, create a gaming snack station next to your desk. Invest in a mini fridge that can hold your drinks, sandwiches and other cold treats. Add two wire baskets on top of the refrigerator to hold salty and sweet snacks. Be sure to place a small trash can next to your desk so you have a place to throw away wrappers.

Creating a great gaming desk is all about comfort and convenience. Use these ideas or come up with your own to build a gaming setup that is perfect for your needs.