Learn How To Turn A Clunky Dresser Into A Stylish Entertainment Center

If you are looking for a really great furniture refinishing project to try, consider converting an old dresser into an amazing entertainment center. Many people do not realize that large, bulky dressers are actually the perfect size to use as entertainment centers in their family or living rooms. The following guide walks you through the process of transforming a long six-drawer dresser into an entertainment center with doors.

Gut the Dresser

The first thing you need to do is completely gut the dresser. Remove all of the drawers from the dresser and use a screwdriver to remove the tracks the drawer wheels moved on the inside of the dresser.

Add a Shelf to the Dresser

Next, measure the interior of the dresser to determine its width and length. Measure and mark a piece of plywood to the exact dimensions of the interior of the dresser. Cut the plywood on the marks you made. Have someone hold the wood in place at the height where you want the shelf to be placed. Use a drill to place screws through the exterior of the dresser into the plywood. Use wood putty to cover the exterior of the screws so that they will not be noticeable after you paint the dresser.

Paint the Dresser

Use spray paint to paint the entire dresser. You want to be sure that you use a color that will complement the color scheme you already have in the room. Paint both the inside and outside of the dresser with the paint to give it a uniformed look.

Size the Doors

Measure the front of the dresser. You want the hinges for the doors to be placed right on the outer edge of the front of the dresser so start your measuring tape there. Divide the space by two and that is the size you need each door to be. Measure a piece of plywood and mark it to the necessary size to fit as the doors to the piece.

Create the Doors

Paint both sides of the doors with the same color of paint you used to paint the dresser. Measure two pieces of radiator grating and cut them to fit directly over the doors you created. Use a staple gun to staple the grating in place. Measure one-inch molding to place around the edges of the doors to create a frame like look. Cut the edges of the molding at a 45 degree angle so they fit together perfectly. Secure the molding to the doors with wood glue and then use a staple gun to staple through the back of the door to give the molding even more support.

Attach the Doors

Measure two inches from the tops of the doors and the bottom of the doors on the side that will have the hinges attached to them and drill the necessary holes. Repeat the process with the front of the dresser. Attach the hinges to the dresser and then attach the doors to the hinges.

Once the doors are attached, turn your dresser around and use the drill to drill large holes in the back of the dresser for you  to guide wires through with ease. The dresser will now be ready to use as an entertainment center. To find a TV for your new entertainment center, visit a store like Merlins TV.