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Smart Tips For Buying A Refurbished Cell Phone

16 May

Cell phones are quite expensive these days, so many people opt for refurbished phones to save money. Refurbished phones are phones that have been purchased and returned by a customer. The phone can be brand new or it could have been used for months. The phones are repaired (if-needed) and then re-sold to customers at […]

The Pros And Cons Of Charging Cases For Cell Phones

15 April

If you use your cell phone often, your cell phone may not stay charged all day. This may mean that you have to plug it in halfway through the day or use a portable phone charger. However, over the past couple years, charging cases, also known as battery cases, have been gaining in popularity. If […]

3 Common Computer Problems A Repair Technician Can Address

23 March

Computers are commonly used just about everywhere today. Many people depend on them to earn a living working from home. When your computer starts acting up on you and won’t let you do the things you need to, it can be rather frustrating to say the least. If you are having problems with your computer, […]

Extension Cord Safety Tips

23 February

Extension cords are a handy device to have around, whether it’s for running your holiday lights or for use in the shop. Like anything that carries electrical current, though, safety can be a real concern. The following tips will help you make the best choice when using extension cords around the house. Tip #1: Choose […]

The Right Grip For Your Phone

18 January

There are so many styles to choose from when it comes to iPhone cases. Some are purely cosmetic, boasting designs meant to dazzle and add some personality to your phone, while others are practical, rugged or full of utility. There are even more cases that mix the best of both worlds with a unique design […]

4 Numbers You Need To Understand When Buying Earbuds

09 December

Oftentimes, people end up buying a new set of earbuds simply because they look nice or they are priced affordably. However, that isn’t always going to provide you with the quality you need. You need something affordable and reliable, not just something that looks cool. Buying earbuds is all about knowing what you are getting […]

Dryer Maintenance: How To Change The Heating Element

23 October

Are your clothes coming out your dryer wet and cold after a full cycle? If so the problem likely has to do with a faulty heating element. Without a heating element, your dryer will take a very long time to dry a full batch of clothes. Several hours later, you still might not have dry […]

Four Ways To Create The Ultimate Computer Gaming Setup

22 September

Gaming enthusiasts know that the secret to being able to play for extended periods of time is to have a comfortable and user-friendly setup. Here are some helpful ideas to create the ultimate computer gaming area that lets you get the most out of your favorite activity. Use Multiple Monitors If you use gaming discussion […]

Tips For Choosing A POE Switch For Your Security Devices

29 June

POE, or power over Ethernet, switches play an important role in surveillance and security systems. POE switches are designed to send electrical power through network cables. If you’re operating a POE-enabled camera that is away from a traditional power source, a POE switch provides power for your digital security systems to stay connected and keep […]

Three Common, Yet Fixable Issues With HDTVs

12 June

Your old television finally bit the bullet and you’ve decided to take the leap and purchase one of those fancy high definition TVs (don’t lie; you know you’re excited.) And why wouldn’t you pick an HDTV? They offer an amazing picture that is so bright and crisp, it’s almost as if you become part of […]